Before I loved my wife.

“The withered petals stapled on this page
Still carry their story around with them,
because my wife says they deserve to.

Although she doesn’t know how to read
She says that I have the right to write,
About the woman I loved before I loved my wife.”

– The poem on the 45th page of my Grandfather’s 56 year old diary.

(This isn’t true. Grandfather loved only one woman and I guess I like it more that way.)

This is the poem on the basis of which Kommuneity decided that I was worth being one of the 100 fabulous poets who together, created a beautiful poem for “World Poetry day 2019”.

Check it out here – 100 poets. One poem. World Poetry day 2019

22 thoughts on “Before I loved my wife.

      1. Yes, I read the last bit but I thought it meant that your grandfather didn’t love anybody before his wife. I’m sorry I misread that. Anyway, interesting perspective you’ve got there! xoxo

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