Nothing changes.

Short poems,
Long poems.
Diary notes,
But nothing matters,

You see
Some people
Write to heal.
Some write to hide.

And I am the latter.

Because I fail terribly,
At answering,
Questions like
“Why do you write poems?
Why do you push people away?
Why do you do things that you suck at?
And why don’t you care about
The people you love
Just because they’re “not sure” if they wanna stay?”

I keep forcing myself,
To make poems,
That don’t sound
You know,
But I end up creating
The same shit,
The same.

Yet, here I am.
Still writing,
And creating
Utter crap in my brain.

Because who would really care about
This poem’s poet’s name.

And After every poem
That people who write to hide
Believe me, nothing changes.
Everything remains
Just the

What are your thoughts about changes?

I will be sharing a new poem soon. Stay tuned.

55 thoughts on “Nothing changes.

  1. Heartfelt and beautiful, I can relate to everything you’re expressing through this poem. I admire your honesty, your talent and your courage to put your feelings in verses and metaphors, you’re pretty amazing!
    Thank you for following my blog, I am honored! Have a beautiful day! πŸ’

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  2. Why do you keep pushing people away, Anupriyak? Have you figured that one out yet? I’m just curious to see if you push people away for the same reasons I used to push people away. It might be interesting if that were the case.

    Reading your poems this fine morning (in Colorado, USA). I get the impression you might be more or less as honest as I am. That would surprise me if you were! It took me decades to learn to be as honest as I am today. Fifteen, you say? I say, precocious.

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    1. I have figured out why I push people away. Now that I have answered your questions, I think I am honest. When I write poems about myself, there’s always a story behind every line.

      A lot of people say that I am precocious! They ask me “How?” And I wish they asked “Why?”
      Isn’t that a better question?

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      1. How or why, which is better? Wouldn’t that depend on whether you wanted a scientific answer or a philosophical answer? That is, the fact of your precociousness and its causes vs. the significance and importance of the fact and its causes. At least, that’s how I understand the difference between the two questions. Does that make any sense to you?

        So, why? And no, you don’t need to go by my understanding of what “why” means. Go by your own.

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        1. It can be either of the two.

          Both of them make sense to me.

          “Why” is a better question, whether it be philosophical or scientific.

          “Why are you precocious? What made you precocious?”
          “How are you so precocious? ( It’s almost as if I did something that made me precocious.)

          See… different they are…

          I totally get your point. I think I do.

          You see…. I am not very comfortable about answering questions like these. That is why whenever someone asks “How”, I never ask them to ask “Why”.

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