I owe you one.

Not once, not twice
They’ve scribbled it down one hundred times.

It hangs like the tongue of a bell
Inside my delicate ear drums.
I cry above it’s shrill chime.

Screaming without a voice
Breathing without a heart
Breaking in cold sweat,
Tears and all.

Carving it down
With heavy veins,
From – “Melancholy
and death,
To “A very old friend”,

“You look helpless
We feel pity
When you
Bleed without blood
And burn, whilst alive
Wrapped in skin with scars
When your eyes sink in lies.”

One night, two nights
Some thought, some time
It’s carved again, deeper.
This time,
They apologized!

From “Melancholy and

“Darling, We’re dumb.”

To “The recklessly rotting hummingbirds”

“Songs of love and death,
Do you still hum?

Like the night sky
Owes the stars a better fall,
Like the Sun
Owes the sky, a better goodbye,
And Like the oceans
Owe the mermaids a better lie
I too,
Owe you another life. I do
I owe you one!”

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31 thoughts on “I owe you one.

  1. Absolutely delightful and captivating โค
    When you write your heart out and pour sentiments
    Such narration is introduced โค

    Good one Anu โœŒ๐Ÿ˜‡
    Keep going !

    Liked by 1 person

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