Your skin, my darling

Your skin, my darling
Isn’t paper.
For if it was,
It wouldn’t bleed
When you cut it.

If your skin was paper,
It would be thin
And white.
And the internal bleeding
Would turn it
Into a bright red.

Your skin isn’t paper
For if it was
It would’ve been more blue
Than white or red
Because of how many names
You had written on your wrist
In high school.

If your skin was paper
It would’ve looked disgusting
Because you had punched
The dirty walls
When you fell in love
For the first time.

Your skin isn’t paper
For if it was
It would’ve caught fire
When you over- tanned
Yourself in Goa last summer.
Your ashes would’ve been
Floating in the Arabian right now.

If you skin was paper
It would’ve vanished
When you waxed your entire body
For the one night stand
That absolutely sucked!

Your skin isn’t paper
For if it was
It would’ve been permanently stained
Because of the makeup you put on your face,
On every meaningless date
And didn’t care to clean it,
Because of the hangover
After every break up.

Your skin isn’t paper
For if it was
It would’ve soaked the aromatic oil
That your lover
Rubbed on your smooth skin
When he gave you a hot massage
Last weekend.

If you skin was paper
It would’ve torn apart,
When your husband
Digged his dirty nails
Into your back last night
And called it love.

Your skin isn’t paper
For if it was
You wouldn’t care about accidents
Because your wounds
Wouldn’t look that miserable
Without blood.

If your skin was paper
Would’ve taken nothing but courage
And killing yourself
Would’ve been super easy!
And instead of 7 billion people
In the entire freaking world.
There’d be just 3!

Your skin isn’t paper
For if it was
Humans would’ve never evolved
And nothing that we have now
Could’ve been.

Your skin isn’t paper. You can repair it but you cannot recycle it.

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31 thoughts on “Your skin, my darling

  1. Welcome back! We’re so happy to see you post after such a long long time.!💜 Beautiful poem! Kept me on my toes till the very last line! Love your style of writing:) Happy blogging to you!💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. It has been really long and I had written a lot in the past 7 or 8 months so I thought maybe it’s time to start blogging again💕 I’m so glad you liked this.
      Happy blogging to you too dear😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First thing first!! ‘ I wasn’t expecting this awesome write-up after reading your very first blog’ ! Seriously!😀
    I mean.. common!! Being this good with words and expression, you were lost about gaining followers and all that stuff?! But let it be now!
    I applaud your honesty Anupriya.., you have spread it out all, and that takes courage! 👏
    Keep up the brilliance..!! ✨✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This poem just gets better and better with each new reading. It’s such a fascinating approach to saying things about life. That is, to begin with a central image and then weave together a commentary referencing it. Do you know of any other poem that uses the same technique, Anupriva? I can’t think of any offhand.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This poetry is a pearl necklace of all the emotions-dark, Stygian, love, hurt and agony, strung with a brilliance of metaphors and imagery. Beautiful! It pulled my heartstrings.

    Enigma 🙂


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