Your poem?

Your poem?
Your poem? Are you sure?
No, it’s just that
I’ve heard this story before.

I’ve heard this story from
The wise lady who comes in my dreams
She says how she’ll appear in yours
And how you’ll write a poem about “this”

She says how she loves how
Before summer storms, the sky turns grey,
And how she can’t tell apart the sky and my eyes,
And she says how, because of this, you fall apart every night.

She says how she waits for
The roses to rot and dry
And how it reminds her of my skin
And how this makes, not her but you, cry.

She says how beautiful
The dying sailor looks when he drowns in the sea
And how it reminds her of how I drown in my tears
And how much this makes you want to be with me.

She says how the sun sets
And cheats on the sky with the oceans
And how this makes her think of you and me,
And how it makes you want to touch the wires of poles that say”440 volts – Caution!”

She says how she will be telling you this story tonight
And how you’ll cut your veins right after,
And in between the two
You’ll write a poem on my favourite white dress
And end it with “bye love. i miss your laughter”

And she says how the next day I’ll open my wardrobe
And look for my white dress for the 27th date of this month
And how the dress will get bloody and stinky,
After I read your poem
After I bleed, crawl and grunt.

And she says how when we’ll meet again
You’ll call this poem yours
And she says how I’ll ask you twice
“Your poem?
Your poem?
Are you sure?”

62 thoughts on “Your poem?

  1. Are you familiar with Anais Nin yet, Anupriya? If so, you might recall her saying that making a new friend is to see the world through new eyes. To me, the best poetry is like that — it’s a glimpse of the world through new eyes.

    That’s most likely what I like best about your poems. This one strikes me as an especially good example of that.

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  2. Dang kid….I really liked that
    Are you sure you aren’t 40 or so? 15…really..? Wow.
    Fyi…thanks for reading and liking my stories. You are generous and kind and to young to be thinking of lost loves. Although I remember how feelings and emotions run fast and high at your age. One other thing. If I followed your poem right the lady invades your space is a spirit or just your imagination? Because I have always had spirits of dead people hanging around. And sometimes they do want to help. They will invade my sleep and tell me what to write
    Didn’t know if that was same with you. Or…he’ll maybe I’m just crazy old man.

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    1. Thank you for the appreciation, Sir. It means a lot.

      Yes. Feelings and emotions run really fast and really high at my age. I’m trying not to be one of those teen-agers who is affected by them.

      Unfortunately, the lady is just my imagination. But I wish she was a spirit. I wish she helped me.

      You’re not a crazy old man. You’re wise and you have seen things that people have to spend 70 years to see. Can you imagine that? Most people kill themselves by 30. Duh!

      Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day ahead! I am hoping to learn great things from you 🙂

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      1. I am very greatly delighted that you have an appreciation for my words. There is such a huge gap between the young And old its hard to see similarities. But I’ve been young and its a wonderful time of life. Good luck.

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  3. Very beautiful piece, i don’t know how old you are, i’m always wrong by guessing age, but you look very young and very tale tend to write such a piece, i would like have this kind of women in my head sometimes, specially when i’m lost, so she could help me, to find myself🤗

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