Last night was loud.

I like silence.
But last night was very loud.

The silence was heavy. Dense.

I was quiet
But the walls said that my chest was rumbling.
Strangely I couldn’t hear it at all.

“Poetry in 140 characters.”

Are you guys writing for NaPoWriMo 2019?

( I am not.)

40 thoughts on “Last night was loud.

        1. Your poem is brilliant. It’s deep. The last 3 lines are beautiful!

          By the way, there is no comment option on your blog and that is why I couldn’t comment on your post.


  1. I recall spending a day and evening in as much silence as can be had in a city. That night, I went outside for some fresh air. I looked up, saw the moon, and had the distinct impression that I had just heard it ring like a china dinner plate dropped on a table cloth.

    I quite liked the poem, Anupriya. I especially loved the mysterious imagery of the last two lines.

    I’m wondering, though . Is the word “quite” a typo for “quiet”?

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    1. Well, that must have been a little bit of a surrealistic experience.
      Thank you for the appreciation, Paul.

      Oh dear! This is embarrassing. I didn’t notice the mistake. Sorry about that.

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      1. It was surprising. It wasn’t like I actually heard it though. I was right on the border between thinking I heard the moon ring and thinking I was imagining the moon rang.

        I make typos all the time. Once I went through a poem three times. Thought I caught them all. But then a friend came along and spotted four more. LOL!

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