Silent goodbye.

“A roll of thunder

and a drizzle of rain,

On a perfect starlit night,

Is all that it takes to make us wonder,

About someone’s silent goodbye!”

What are your thoughts about “Silent goodbyes”?

Aren’t they good sometimes?

Goodbyes that never really happened but were meant to happen some day or not happen at all.

Goodbyes that we made up in our heads.

Goodbyes that show us our own minds and our own thoughts, that teach us how creative we are.

Aren’t they beautiful?

43 thoughts on “Silent goodbye.

  1. I am going through a silent goodbye and it’s bittersweet. Part of me knows that it needs to take place. Another part of me wants to hang on and not let go. It can be a struggle for the halves of oneself.

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  2. The bad farewells bring the thunder and sparks and those that leave without saying anything, sometimes hurt in the soul more than lightning. The truth is that your verses bring us to enjoy your poetry in silence.


  3. This was so beautiful that it just inspired me to write sth!! It will be my take on your piece and i ll tag it ofc! 🙈🙈💕💕


  4. Loved the way you added rain and thunder to a starlit sky!! 👏 Goodbyes that too silent can be both good or bad….when you disappear from someone’s life without any indication or someone disappears suddenly from your life…it means that that was not meant to be and instead of dragging on one of you decided to let it go…which is for good in the long run…like cutting away a rotting part to save the rest! It causes initial pain and suffering but ultimately heals up with time and you realise later that it was for good. Then there are ‘bad’ goodbyes which happen unexpectedly and beyond one’s control…a separation against the wishes! for example a sudden demise of a loved one! Needless to say…that is torture – sometimes for life!

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