I have neither seen stars in my sleep
Nor have I seen the sky.
That is how I found out that,
My walls are great listeners
And my ceiling is the only sky I can look at,
Without blinding my eyes.
Because, you see
The sun,
The sun is too bright for me.
I prefer the broken chandelier over light.

56 thoughts on “Chandelier.

  1. I can empathize with that. How I can empathize! That was me until about the age of 40. I think it must be that chandeliers – even broken ones — seem safer than the sun. Me, I now think it’s actually the other way around.

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        1. An acquired taste? I can’t really say if it’s something like that. But maybe it is.
          There are people who are born from the Sun and there are people who do not know what the warmth of sunlight feels like. And both of these people love chandeliers at least once in their lives.

          I wonder, for which kind of people, is this an acquired taste?


    1. Is this what your 15 means?

      Angel Number 15 meaning gives an insight into your personal ambitions. It encourages you to use your creativity and persistence to accomplish them. It is telling you that you are the master of your life and that you have the capabilities, intelligence and skills to make your life wonderful.

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  2. Wow. This is so sad, yet beautiful. The broken chandelier is the perfect symbol you used☺️ I love to read your poems.

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    1. Hello Arohii! I am fine. How are you, my friend? It has been so long, I haven’t received any updates from your blog. I hope you have started blogging again.

      Thank you for the kind comment! Have an amazing weekend ahead ❀️

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  3. Hello Anu,
    I am fine, thank you for your reply my friend. ❀️ πŸ’ I haven’t been able to blog since an year, may be. I will be happy if I do. But for now, I am working on the professional aspect of my life. Lovely to see you back and wishing you wonderful blogging times ahead.
    Lots to loves and best wishes ☺️

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