Clocks and people.

“If people were like clocks

That never died

I’d like to go deaf

Because I cannot hear the

“Tick tock tick tock”

Of all the people around me

All my life.”



On nights like this

I wish I was never born.

But since I am drowning in poetry

That speaks the language of reality

I wish I died before the sun came up

Because I’m running out of metaphors and nouns.


My walls are dark grey,

Gloomy. Hideous.

I am talking about clocks and people

But it has nothing to say

I think I’m dumb

Because I need answers

But I’m running out of voice and

I know that,

I wouldn’t need answers

If I never asked questions,

“Like clocks wouldn’t need hands

If they didn’t have numbers.”


There’s a clock on the wall on my right.

It’s hands look like people’s eyes

Rotating around rumors and lies.

And keenly observing

What I do through the day.


I wish I was blind

Because I cannot watch

The clocks looking at what I write and

Dying all of a sudden.

I don’t feel sorry for them

Because they blame me for their death.


I sucked inside my mouth,

The power of their batteries,

With my poetry.

(I was running out of voice, you know?)

And they are waiting for their gods,

To buy them new ones.

That’s what clocks and people do.

And you think it’s strange?


One, two, three, four and so on

Never ending like

The visions I get.

Like numbers scribbled on clocks.

The last number you see is twelve

But do you count the “tick tocks”?

Count them as well and

You’ll find how clocks look like faces of people

That you see in crowds you push yourself through every day,

Faces that you see in your visions

And under the sheets that you sleep on.

Listen to what the clocks have to say.



Oh dear! I wish I was deaf.

Or dead.


This poem was inspired by another one of my poems – “Sunlight and poetry.”

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72 thoughts on “Clocks and people.

  1. This is deeper than mere words. I love the concept,clocks and people. Wow. Well done. You have a mighty talent dear❤️

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  2. I dont believe I ever would have made that connection between the two. I see great achievements for you in the future, once you make “the connection “…and you will, I know, I have seen it. Contin to grow and polish you skill. Your poem was very interestingly different. I liked it.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I think all the intelligent people asking question, more they know, more they asking, tic tok, tin tok, liked it, have an inspiring day🤗

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  4. I’m horrible at commenting on poetry, all I can say is that it’s beautiful! You’re so creative, Anupriya! 😊💛

    Oh and I hate those ‘tick tock’ of clocks as well. It gets on my nerves. I bought a silent wall clock for my room, but in the dead of the night I can still hear it tick. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Ellen. Your “not so terrible appreciation” means a lot❤️
      I hate the “tick tock” of clocks too. It’s very creepy at times.


  5. This piece has this unfaltering flow that creates a domino effect of images in your head. The comparison is abstract and it astonishes me how you have done a commendable job with the imagery. But I would like to say one thing, for the short time I have been over this little space of yours, I have realized that your ideas are refreshing to read and you string the words so well.

    Enigma 🙂 ❤

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  6. Amazing!! Deep!!
    My fav lines:
    There’s a clock on the wall
On my right
It’s hands look like people’s eyes
Rotating around rumours and lies
And keenly observing
What I do through the day.

    What a keen observation and correlation!!

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