Clouds vs words.

Words have started leaving my side,

Because some emotions,

Some emotions are too heavy

For their delicate heads to carry!

So, I have started making them believe

That they aren’t words but clouds,

Because clouds never leave the sky, do they?

Only sometimes, when their heads feel too heavy,

They burst into rain.

But that’s okay because,

I’m used to getting drenched every once in a while.

What do you like to do when words seem insufficient for expressing your feelings and emotions?

25 thoughts on “Clouds vs words.

  1. This is as profound as an undergraduate-level essay on the nature of language and the power of words to affect us. I don’t recall that I myself wrote anything this insightful until I was 17, and I certainly did not do write it as a poem. Bookmarked!

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    1. Thank you very much, Paul. You have no idea how much your comment means to me. Also, speaking of the nature of language and the power of words to affect us, isn’t it absolutely crazy how sometimes to describe the words that cannot be used to express certain things, other, simpler words magically start coming into our minds?

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      1. Indeed it is, Anupriya. Crazy. I am told that when words magically appear like that it is a sign that our subconscious mind has been hard at work thinking about the topic, for the subconscious mind tends to think in simple, one or two syllable words, and its words or thoughts tend to pop into our consciousness “magically”. That is, seemingly effortlessly, and frequently associated with images and a strong sense of meaning or importance. If so, it’s easy to see how so much good poetry could come from the subconscious mind.

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        1. That is so fascinating, Paul. Now I’m thinking how crazy it is that our subconscious mind plays such an important role in everything we do and we know so little about it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a good day ahead!

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  2. This poem is beautiful! You described some deep emotions through amazing metaphors❤️ Good luck. I hope you are doing well!

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