Weird fear.

I am not as afraid of being crushed beneath my twisted thoughts,

Or of strangling myself midst ecstasy and pleasure,

Or of hiding my face behind a hundred bogus colours,

As I am of not being able to put my words together.

Share your weird fear or fears in the comments section down below. Don’t worry, nobody is going to judge you.

Have an awesome day! ❀

P.S. – Please forgive my irregularity on WordPress.

28 thoughts on “Weird fear.

    1. Fiery! Where have you been? I missed reading you too. I have been pretty irregular at blogging. I am going to head towards your blog RIGHT NOW!

      By the way, thank you so much for your lovely and kind comment ❀

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  1. dreams are your life
    in retrospect
    physical and moods
    the need for a release
    for pleasure
    and to ease pain
    and to acheive
    a sense of the diety s
    reason for your literal conception!
    oh boy!

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    1. I guess I agree with you to some extent, Deeksha. When we often find ourselves in unwanted situations and experience negative feelings, we start blaming ourselves and develop an irrational fear of our very own actions even though most of the times it’s not actually us who we are afraid of but of all the things we don’t want to go through again and again, the things we hold ourselves responsible for.
      Your comment is quite interesting to think about. Thank you for reading the poem and sharing your thoughts ❀

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  2. Bridges freak me out, and I am about to go on a long road trip where I’m told I have to go over many of them. My anxiety is peaking already! But, I know I have to face my fears head-on to overcome them! Love your poetry!

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