Why don’t you?

*This is a long poem.

Why don’t you

Drip a few drops of blood in your glass of milk?
Instead of carving crimson red roses on your pale skin.
If you love the way red sinks in white so much,
That you keep forgetting that you’re always wrong.
You talk to yourself and this
Is one of the some hundred thousand things that you had said.

Why don’t you

Stare at the sun like you stare at your ceiling all day?
If you dislike blinking your eyes so much,
That you keep forgetting how
Eyes can start drying up and
Your eye lids will then shut close forever,
Start hurting your head.
And you’ll faint, slowly, and then all at once.

Why don’t you

Tear open your chest and dig your way
Inside the framework of your body?
And count the number of ribs you have just to make sure there’s none missing.
(Because of how often they fail to protect your heart)
If you love counting so much,
That you keep forgetting how you forget
Numbers at 6 in the morning
After laying in your bed for 17 hours straight.

Why don’t you

Paint your eyes grey and your lips black
And punish yourself for not teaching your hands how to make loops in ropes
And for standing on chairs but never knocking them off?
If you love being sad so much,
That you keep forgetting how you used to grow chrysanthemums with strangers
And how yours were always the brightest.
Always the happiest. Always.

Why don’t you

Eat a couple of weeds and then a couple of flowers for dinner
And drink some fertilizer instead of your favorite red wine?
And grow a war inside your body and wait to see what happens next.
If you love being called a bindweed more than you love being called “morning glory”, so much,
That you keep forgetting that they’re both of the same kind
And that they may be weeds but they didn’t ask to be born where they’re not wanted.

Unlike you.

Why don’t you

If you hate your presence so much,
That you keep forgetting that nobody was born for a reason.

But maybe you were.
Maybe you should die.

For all those who think they are not worth being alive,
I wonder, dear human, for I want to think like you too,
What you’re worth and what you’re not, how did you decide?

This poem was inspired by the line “They’re weeds but they didn’t ask to be born where they’re not wanted.” which I came across in one of Paul Sunstone’s most beautiful posts.

I will be posting the poems that I wrote in 2017 and 2018 for the rest of the month. They are not that great but I want to share them. Also, I will be posting once or twice a week.

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63 thoughts on “Why don’t you?

  1. This strikes me as more than a powerful poem, it strikes me as a necessary poem. No doubt humans have always needed reminding that they are valuable, that they are worth something, but I think that message today has become more important, ever more important, as the internet spreads across the planet.

    The internet for all it’s many virtues, has turned us into commodities. It has made us just one more grain of polished white rice to each other. You don’t like the way she looks when a few strands of her hair fall across her eyes? Why should you suffer her? There are a billion other women online you could meet. Surely you can find one better than that ugly fool.

    You see it in everything these days — you see where we have become rice to each other. Rice and weeds. “Please, dear, we don’t need your kind around here, and if we did, we’d find someone better than you.”

    This poem has all the hallmarks of an original Anupriya. Vivid, creative imagery. Strikingly original word choices. Profound insights. Raw, bulldozing power. But in addition to all that, it has a message that must be heard.

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    1. Thank you very very very much, Paul! The way you presented your thoughts about this poem is very beautiful. This comment has the potential to become a post. Really.

      And the poem is good because of that line in your post. That line is what inspired me. I kept editing the poem for about 3 days and then posted it. I was trying as hard as I could. This poem could’ve been a little better but my mind couldn’t think of anything more.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Reading this was like an odd sense of deja-vu: seeing all those thoughts I’d already made out in my mind, written by another hand.
    Such an incredible piece, Anupriya.
    I think you’re my new favourite blogger.
    Can’t wait to see what else you’re going to come up with.<3

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  3. जब हौसले टूटने लगे या फिर छूटने लगे,
    आप अकेले रह जाओ और मुक़द्दर भी रूठने लगे,
    तब आस मत तोड़ो और पाँव मत मोड़ो,
    यह वक़्त है कुछ पल का, अपना ही साथ मत छोड़ो,
    इन्हीं कुछ पल में एक नया कल बन जॉएगा,
    या फिर आस छोड़ने पर अच्छा वक़्त निकल जॉएगा।।  

    Keep writing, you have great writing skills. 🙏

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