50th post? Whaaat?

Every time I ask my friends to read my poems and tell me what they think, all I get is appreciation. The most cliché compliments — “It’s so beautiful”, “How creative!”, “Damn! That’s dope, Anu!” and other similar things. You think I’m bragging? Well, I am not. Because as soon as I ask them, “Really? Which part did you like the most?”, they either disappear (if we’re texting) or there is a visible discomfort on their face. I think the meme below captures that face precisely.

“Side-eye Chloe

So, I have completely stopped asking my friends to comment on my poetry. There are exceptions, of course. Like Paul Sunstone, who by the way, published a poetry book — Ashes and Wine–recently. No, I am not promoting it. I am just saying GO READ IT RIGHT NOW OR I’LL RAID YOUR HOUSE TONIGHT AND STUFF YOUR PILLOWS WITH SNAILS.

*clears throat*

Sorry about that. Umm…you can find it on Amazon or just check out his blog if you’re interested. That would be much more convenient. For both me and you.

Back to my point now. So, I find often find myself grieving over how people can’t understand what I write. For example this poem. So few people understood it that I took it off the blog for a while, edited it A LOT and reposted it. It used to be several pages long. Now it looks like an elementary schooler wrote it. But then again, I am a pretty dumb sixteen year old so, I don’t expect any more than 1 or two people to actually figure out my poems. Besides, it’s always nice writing poems no one can completely understand. It adds a personal touch to it. Also makes you feel like a mysterious sage. Which you are not.

Oh, wow. I just noticed I wrote 1 in digits and 2 in words in the last paragraph. That’s the kind of dumbness I am talking about, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway….

As I have mentioned in old posts, I am a busy human being. I have a very happening life. I barely get time to write or read. Except reading and writing is all I do. Everyday. In the form of studying. For an exam. *sighs*

I do, however, write diary entries on Penzu every now and then. It helps me release all the feelings and thoughts that pile up all week. So, here’s what I will be doing on this blog. Every time I write an entry that I think is worth sharing with you, I will post it ASAP. I will write poems too but not as frequently. But don’t take my word for it. I might vanish anytime. This is just a heads up for what you might see on this blog from now on– excerpts from my life. I believe it will help my readers know me better and then maybe some of you can understand the Mandarin that I write.

Here’s what I wrote on 17th July 2020 –

Yup. That’s all. I was frustrated about not being able to manage my time well. I have not gotten better. But I just notice that fact so frequently now that I don’t bother getting frustrated. That ever happened to you?

Also, I just realized this is my fiftieth blogpost! I remember writing just over 50 posts before completely transforming this blog in 2018. Don’t know that story? Here. Let me warn you though. It’s a loooong one.

Alright. That’s all. Bubye!

7 thoughts on “50th post? Whaaat?

  1. Thank you so much for the incredibly kind shout out, Anu! It was wholly unexpected, and it has made my day.

    By the way, if anyone reading this would like a free, no-obligation sampler of the poetry and prose in Ashes and Wine, simply email me a paul . sunstone @ q . com. Without the spaces, of course. I send you sampler in pdf format as soon as I can.

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  2. Congratulations on your 50th post. In my opinion, you shouldn’t edit or rewrite your posts to make them understandable to others because when you do so, the essence & feelings of your posts get lost.

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