Hey reader!

I am Anupriya Kumari, a high school student from India. I started writing poems at the age of 13. When I was a kid, I loved writing short stories. Unfortunately, I have none of them with me today except this fairytale that I had written when I was 10 years old. I could never complete it but it’s extremely important to me because that was when I realized that writing is beyond beautiful and that it was going to mean a lot to me someday.

Apart from writing, I love dancing. I started learning dance at the age of 5 and am still learning it along with a lot of other things.

Like…umm… reading, drawing, doodling, singing, appreciating life, being melodramatic and not hating geckos.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else to tell you about me. Let’s see…

Oh! I am a Slytherin and my wand is surprisingly swishy flexible! I guess that’s interesting? No? Nevermind.

With time, we change. So did I and so did you. And so did this blog! If want to know the story of this blog, check out this post.

Have a good day!

This blog was created on August 6th 2016.

Started using WordPress towards the end of August 2016.

*Many previous posts have been deleted or edited.