The story of my blog

Hey reader! I am Anupriya, and this is the story of my blog.

*This is a long post and it took me a great deal of time and effort to write it and post it. So, anyone who reads it till the end, Thank you ❤

It must seem pretty clear to you that all the posts, pages, and other content of my blog is deleted. Before I get all emotional and say why I did this, I’d like to talk about the story of my blog!


It all started in 2016 when my elder brother gave me the idea of creating a blog. After hours of research and taking continuous help from my brother, I finally created a blog at

Back then, I couldn’t think of posting about dance although I wanted to because I was still learning and super doubtful about my skills. I did think of making a YouTube channel but that was not really possible since I was 12 and a really dumb one too. So I made a blog.

I  instantly named my blog, “Craft with Anu” because crafting was my other hobby at that point of time (It isn’t anymore though  because I simply don’t get any time to pursue it!). I worked a lot on that blog! HONESTLY, A LOT!

I would create new things and click pictures as I made them, just like I had seen on other sites. YouTube was also a great inspiration for me. I would post tons of different craft ideas and get BARELY ANY VIEWS! After Months of failure and no likes or views, I deleted the  blog. (a classic 12 year-old’s  move )


After a few months, I created another blog, this time without the help of my brother. I thought and re-thought before I created a blog this time and concluded that this blog should be about “Dance”.

I was pretty serious about this blog and was kind of confident that my blog would flourish. Because, as of then, I had never come across a website solely about “Dance” especially “Kathak”. It started out well. I named my blog, “Classical dance with Me, Anu” and told everyone about it (basically my 5 school friends and close family). My Blog URL, I guess, was –

I joined a lovely community called, IndiBlogger and met a number of fellow bloggers there and gained some followers. Their blogs and the views and likes on their posts would leave me astound. I was so motivated by them that I made it clear to myself that I must work harder and get a couple of followers too! As a matter of surprise, I did! 1 comment in 3 months, would make me feel like I was on the top of the world.


After a few months of struggle at blogger, I came across “WordPress”. I decided to move my blog to this platform because I read that WordPress brings in more readers and has many in-built features as compared to blogger. After a lot of struggle, importing and exporting, I moved to WordPress, with huge expectations and endeavors. I started feeling  desperate for more readers, popularity and views and likes.

I posted very, very frequently so that I could make my readers like my blog at WordPress and there was an average amount of support that I got from them. When I think about it now. I feel that maybe I shouldn’t have shared so much about myself.

After a couple of months, I made some progress. I gained 30 followers or so and in no time I had completed a year. I used to post about little things and tried numerous ways to bring in more followers.

Somewhere in between those adrenaline rushes on seeing new comments and likes and followers, I pretty much forgot why I created this blog in the first place.

A few of my posts, like the ones related to Kathak got many views and I felt somewhat satisfied but now I was running out of topics to “write” on because I feel like dance cannot be written and I was trying too hard to do exactly that.


I decided to customize my blog. I tried different themes and styles. I tried various things to attract more readers. EVERYTHING IN VAIN!

Below is a list of Blog Titles that I tried over a period of two years!

  • Classical Dance with Me Anu
  • Dance With Me, Anu
  • Dance With Anu
  • Dance Craze With Anu
  • Live With Anupriya
  • Anupriya Indites (This one is the only one with which I was truly happy)

I changed my blog URL a couple of times too! Now, I suppose you can get an idea of how stupid I was and am.

Till “Dance craze with Anu” my blog was still all about Dance but soon I realized that Dance was not something easy to write about. I concluded that YouTube is a better platform for dance and I deleted everything! EVERYTHING.

“Anupriya Indites” has been going well. But….


I knew exactly why I did this but I deleted all my posts about dance  and chose to start “Writing”.

It is true, 100% true, that I loved writing from the very beginning! I used to write a journal, short stories and little poems when I was very very young and I still randomly scribble in my diary and cook up poems.

So, I thought maybe I should write about my musings.

I created a beautiful “About” page where I spilled out about my feelings and how much blogging has affected me. I wrote everything I felt about words and poems and novels and books and blogs. I posted many poems and quotes which represented what I thought. I gained much, much more attention after this change but was I satisfied? NO!

I guess, I am just too selfish!

Almost 2 years, it has been, since I started this wonderful journey!

And only, only the first six months were how I had hoped this entire journey would be like!

I was writing what I wanted to but not to relieve myself of my thoughts and turn them into Art.

I feel pity for myself! I feel guilty and I feel like a loser that I gave up so soon! But Dear Reader, You must not! (haha, classic influencer move!)

I chose not to delete this blog because I WILL BE BACK soon and this time, without greed and the endeavors of being famous. I should have realized this long back but I could not!

Dear reader, I am glad you are still reading this post! I never thought I’d share so much.

I am not a lady, I am not a smart, thoughtful woman. Not yet! I am young and stupid. But I’M GROWING.

I have no idea how many of you are understanding me at this point. You might think I am an over-smart teenager who should be concentrating more on her studies than spending time here for that’s what everyone seems to think!

But everyone’s different and this is ME! A 15 year old, who loves writing and dancing and reading and laughing and crying. I will be different a year from today. I will keep changing but this is me now.

I am a dumbo who doesn’t know what to share and what not.

I wanted to blog, I did.

I wanted to share my thoughts, I did.

I wanted to share about dance, Well, I did that too! But I guess I cannot, anymore.

We can never REALLY know each other, Dear Reader! You can never know me completely and neither can I ever know you. But blogging and writing brought me close to hundreds of people and I want to thank you guys. All the amazing bloggers who were with me since the beginning of time! Thank you for helping me create this little family!

I deleted everything because I think When I start again, I’ll start fresh and this time I’ll write without worrying about who is seeing my post and who is not. Being famous is not important but I realized this much later than I should’ve and I feel like I need a break.

I haven’t permanently deleted my posts or pages. Who knows, I’ll re- create and re- love myself again someday! ❤ I have changed and learnt a lot. All I need is a break from this.

So, here it ends, my beautiful journey of blogging and writing and dancing (No, I’ll continue dancing :D). And creating a beautiful family!

*6TH AUGUST 2016 TO 9TH JULY 2018 

I’ll be back 😉 Love you guys ❤

P.S. – I wrote this when I was ….15? Gosh I don’t even remember what 15 was like. So much has changed, including me. Well, thanks for reading this anyway! I hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourself and the people around you, staying indoors and taking all necessary precautions to stay safe from Covid. Byeee!

79 thoughts on “The story of my blog

  1. Omg, why? I loved your poems. You are young and so talented at this age. Have patience my dear. Gaining followers is not why you should blog. I’m glad you realize that. Blog, if it makes you happy. You are a good writer. Take your time but keep on writing. 😊 I wish you all the best, Anu. Much loves and hugs 😘

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    1. Thank you for your love and support Arohii ❤ I know, this might just sound way too lame but I guess I have complicated my blog too much, with so many changes. I had no stability so I decided to do this. But I'll always keep all my posts saved in the trash bin and when I start blogging again. I'll re-store them and post them again. I had so many memories with this blog! Ughh, I feel like an idiot. But I must not regret this! I will be back when I write more for myself and for my satisfaction! ❤

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      1. You are welcome, sweetie. And I understand what you mean. It doesn’t sound lame to me. I will be waiting for your return my dear. I wish for your happiness and all the best. Lots of loves.

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  2. As hard as it is to admit, I had… I have the same “craziness”. So, thank you for writing this. But.
    Just let it run wild, you know. We’re here not for the perfection but… for idk maybe for our imperfections! Good luck tho!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, I had to realize that blogging is not always about being “Known” or admired. I knew this sometime ago but then this feeling took over me and this feeling that “I might not be doing well enough”…It sucks! So yeah…I lost some memories but I’ll create better ones, again!


  3. I go thru that cycle once every six months when I delete everything and promise to never blog again, but then… you know.. there’s no other place I would rather be, no one else I would rather be. I know that I am flippant, and rather than trying to figure out better… I just let it be! This is who I am! One day here, another gone! That’s life, why fight!

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  4. I am new at blogging, I don’t have many posts and I don’t know much about the blogging world either but your story really motivates me to continue blogging. But I hope to see some more motivating, heartfelt posts from you really soon.
    Best wishes

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  5. It was nice to hear from u anupriya….we gotta know a part of u from this post….u r right that we can never understand each other completely on this platform….but talking to the positive side of the aspect….on this platform we come to know the most incredible sides of every blogger here putting his/her soul in every post written by them. Just lyk the way u did in this post. Isn’t it?😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes absolutely Madhavi! ♥️ I am so glad you liked this post. It is true blogging is a platform to know new people and new experiences of life through each other. But perhaps sometimes, words and posts are not enough to make someone understand us completely not because words are not efficient but because we, as people are not able to put ourselves in front of each other properly. I have tried to put together everything i thought my readers must know about me. And I am so glad you understood! ♥️ Lots of love to you ♥️

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  6. I had a blog back when I was in college and I had forgotten all about it. And it was probably tens years later or so I came across it. It was amusing to read after all that time has passed.

    I last year I had a started a new blog and then deleted it. Now I am starting over.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Hi Anu, thanks for following my blog 🙂 yours looks quite interesting! I read all the above, and what a journey! You started blogging at such a young age!
    It is true that we all start blogging to share our passion. We write about something we are passionate, in the hope that someone will be interested in it.
    But alas, blogging not only means creating content, it also means making it known. I understand the craze to gain more followers, more reads. For me, I invest a bit of time once a month or so to discover new blogs and follow them. I leave comments on their posts, and most of the time they come have a look at my little online space and follow in return, leaving comments as well.
    Then there is also the tagging. If you tag and categorize your posts properly, they will show up in searches on Google and the likes.
    Another useful thing: photos, illustrations, properly labelled. If you have “girl 16 years old” as a title for a photo, you have more chances to have people finding it than if it’s called “742138-tfs” 🙂
    Last but not least: I LOVE dance. Really. I studied bharatnatyam for a few years before giving up because of pregnancy and resulting bad knees. Please do share about khatak 🙂
    All the best and keep going!

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    1. Thank you very very much dear! This means a lot. Thank you for taking out the time and reading the lengthy post. Really means a lot💕 and also thank you for the tips. I’m definitely gonna try them. You have a lovely blog too❤️ I couldn’t understand the language you blog in so I had to translate it😅 Keep blogging! Happy writing 💯

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey Anu, it’s in French 🙂 most posts are bilingual (French and English), but for the creative writing, I find that my words aren’t sounding as good in English as they do in French, so no translation for now. It’s mostly book reviews 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy them, as I said they’re almost all translated into English as well 🙂

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  8. Ups and downs are part of life and it’s great that you never gave up your blogging aspirations… Consider writing as your hobby and not as an assignment which you have finish in stipulated timeline and then you will enjoy a lot… Spend time in reading other blogs as every blogger and every blog post is different and you will learn a lot from that which in turn will help you to get more follwers, likes and Comments…
    I’m really impressed from your journey how you deleted your blog posts several times and created few blogs since you first started. It’s good to see the zeal that you posses for blogging which gave you again to come back… Keep up that zeal towards blogging and your writing… Best wishes and happy blogging… 🙏👍🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much💯💕 I guess It’s the support and motivation that so many kind bloggers gave me throughout the journey, that made me realize what blogging really is. Thank you for taking out the time to read the post. Means a lot😊

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  9. This sounds weird as it’s coming from a 15 years old only! But guess what! By joining in you already learnt alot! I wish I joined earlier and also the saying “better late than never” stresses me like how did I never knew abt this world or came across it!?, thank you for sharing your story and looking forward to reading more from you 💕🙈

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