I look outside
And don’t understand what I see.
I try to
But I can’t.
I see little butterflies and oysters
Minding their business
And I also see humans
Brimming with busyness.
I see what they do through the day
But I don’t understand why they are doing all of it.
They’re hugging
And stabbing
And loving
And hating
Each other.
Each other?

I look outside and
The sun burns my right eye.
I try to look into “their” eyes.
An eyelash is drowning in my left eye
But I try
I try to understand what human eyes look like.

They are all facing the ground.
Maybe they don’t like looking up.
Maybe they hate the sun too!
Maybe, maybe they are friends
With my eyes. Maybe.
All I can see is that they are very scary.

And my eyes should water because
I can feel the strain
I have been squinting them but
I can see my eyelash flying away.
I can feel the water
Changing into clouds
My eyes are drying and
It’s going to rain soon.
I just know it.

I look harder.
I can’t see what’s in front of me
But I know that
they are all mostly shallow.
Only some are very deep
– Eyes.
Mine lie between these heights.
A little low, a little high.
My eyes are hanging from the sky.

I can’t see anything
Very clearly
But I know there must be a pair of eyes
Looking at this intimidating world
With some strain
Equal to mine
and I know that
Their eyes must be drying up too.
Because you cannot look at
Anything at all
If you’re crying.
Can you?

So, maybe you should let your eyes dry.
Come. Let’s look at the oysters and
The butterflies.
It’s good to feel intimidated sometimes.
It’s good to look outside.

Let them dry.
Only once in a while.
Let them burn.
And let them cry but
Only if you can see everything clearly.
Because the world can be really scary
Your eyes, a little low
A little high.
Not always, just sometimes.

So, with all your dead eyelashes
Create a thread, in your head.
And hang your eyes
From the sky.

The scary world
Should feel intimidated too

This is a really old poem.

I will be posting a very long poem soon. Stay tuned.

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